Con Mucho Gusto

La Familia Cortez Restaurants is committed to providing our Team Members a work experience that is quality-oriented and giving every Team Member the same concern, respect, and caring attitude that we share with our Guests.

Con Mucho Gusto means with great taste; it means with great pleasure; it means service with great enthusiasm; it means many things but above all at La Familia Cortez Restaurants, it means that we take care of our Guests with hospitality from the heart as if they were in their own home so that they are treated to an unforgettable experience.

Our Core Values

We take these values to heart and live them every day. We learn and teach these values, celebrate our successes and hold each other accountable.


We adhere to high moral principles and professional standards. We practice honesty in all our dealings.


We treat Guests and fellow Team Members with courtesy, honesty and respect. We humbly provide our Guests a sincere smile, attention and service.


We achieve excellence by consistently preparing the highest quality food, offering superior service, creating an authentic cultural experience and giving special attention to every detail.

Service & Hospitality

We provide Guests and fellow Team Members with friendly, attentive, and respectful service that is sincere and beyond their expectations while always remembering that the Guest is King.

Hear From Our Team Members…


Luis started working as a Dishwasher in 1973 to pay for college. While attending college, he went through personal struggles and he recalls how grateful he was for the support of the Cortez family. Luis continues to work at Mi Tierra because he enjoys his job and loves being a part of the Familia. His advice is to “Do the best you can in life and always be a good person to everyone you meet.”


Jessica joined La Familia Cortez more than 10 years ago as a bakery clerk at Mi Tierra Café. Her charm and strong customer service skills were recognized by Jorge Cortez and he offered her the chance to become a Food Server. Today she provides guests a world-class experience and is an excellent trainer for new team members.


When Meche began his career at Mi Tierra in 1978, little did he know that he would end up finding a forever family at La Familia Cortez Restaurants. He was proud to work for a company that took care of him like family and dedicated his life to keeping the Mi Tierra roots strong. He is inspired by the way each generation of La Familia Cortez exceeds expectations for their guests and team members.

Our Mission

We will glorify God by honoring the vision of our founders, valuing family, preserving our culture, and offering a world class experience.

Our Creed

We are in the business of feeding minds, bodies and spirits while exceeding the needs, desires and expectations of our guests each and every time.

Hourly Opportunities

Many of our hourly positions can be considered entry-level so we will train you. What we need most from our team members is a willingness to serve, Con Mucho Gusto.

Restaurant Management

Our Management Team embraces our core values and leads by example so that our founder’s vision can live for decades to come.

Corporate Positions

Our corporate team supports our restaurants and takes care of many behind the scenes details.

College Internships

Our Internship Program provides an opportunity to get real-life experience in the restaurant industry if you’re considering a career in hospitality.